Jock MKT review and new player bonus 2023 (2023)

The Jock MKT platform merges daily fantasy sports with the stock markets and delivers a unique DFS experience like no other. In this Jock MKT review, we have provided extensive details on how this site works and its best features. We have also discussed yoursNew player bonus and why it must be claimed.

Jock MKTTill250 USDdeposit match4.5/5Visit the websiteTerms and conditions apply.18+. New players only.

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A quick overview of the Jock MKT

Jock MKT, or Jock Market, was launched in 2020 by a group of sports fans and investors who long believed the two could be combined. The platform shares similarities with DFS in thatParticipants must approve the players.who will earn fantasy points based on their real-life performance. These will affect player ratings.

But where things differ from othersnew daily fantasy sports sitesit's that contestants don't have to create lists based on filling specific slots. Instead, participants canbuy player shareswhich they can then sell. These must be purchased during an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and depending on the ranking of the players, shareholders may be paid for their selection.

An interesting element is that there is no input or requirement for how many players you have to back. You can invest as much or as few players as you want and still win. While this may seem confusing, the Jock MKT DFS site actually isvery easy to learn, especially if you're familiar with daily fantasy sports scoring.

The best way to think of it is that instead of buying stock in a company on a stock exchange, you are buying stock in players. As a new player, you can also enter the campaign code Jock MKT andearn bonus funds. We have discussed this in a future section of this review.

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game details

The Jock MKT Fantasy Rig differs from the DFS in that there isonly one game mode for all sports. All of this is centered around buying, holding and trading player shares for profit. Trading sessions also only last for one event, so you can't have player shares for an entire season. Next, we explain the details of the game.


The IPO stage isan auction of player sharesbefore the event has started. Each player will have a limited number of shares and prices will fluctuate until the time the IPO ends. Participants must bid how much they will pay for a share, with all participant bids visible.

The listing closes shortly before the events begin, withThe shares are then distributed to the highest bidders.. To help you choose, you can see a player's current points, expected points and live price. You will also be able to see their break-even rank, which indicates where the player must rank to pay their live price.

A useful Jock MKT strategy to choose iskeep messages from your platformduring the tender process. This will show you when you have been outbid. Remember, you can be outbid by as little as $0.01, so it's worth keeping an eye on user activity during this period.

live handel

During Live Trading you canbuy and sell player shares as the game unfolds. Player prizes will depend on user activity rather than calculation models, so this keeps things as fair and accurate as possible. Trading will continue until the end of the game.

If you own shares, you canset a selling price for players. The other participants will then know how much you are willing to sell for. If you do not own shares, you can bid on players. The site will then match you with participants who have set requests at the same or similar price.


After the game ends, player rankings will be finalized based on their performance. HisThe ranks will be visible as the game unfolds., so you can place your bids and requests according to their valuation. There are two formats that are considered when it comes to payments.

In market format games, participants are credited with the monetary value of their shares. In competitive formats, actions are credited as tokens. In the latter, participants are ranked based on their number of tokens and are paid accordingly.All payments are guaranteed.

The exact premiums andPayment values ​​are set by the site.and it will be clearly visible under the event tabs when it starts. For example, if the highest ranked player in an NFL game is set to pay $150, then each participant who owns that player will receive $150 per share.

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Jock MKT App

Would you rather play Jock MKT's daily fantasy sports on the go? Fortunately, the site has built native apps for iOS and Android devices. Actually,We highly recommend playing on your mobile devices., as you can use price and event notifications to make your selections while watching the games on bigger screens.

Our review of the Jock MKT app showed that the smartphone and tablet platform is well designed to allowSimple and intuitive buying and trading.. Apps are also fast and stable, so you avoid unexpected errors. Next, we explain how to download the applications.

Steps to download the iOS app

To get started, go to the Jock MKT website on your mobile browser and click the "Download on App Store" button. So,click the download buttonand it will start installing on your device. Your device must have iOS 13.0 or later software and at least 32 MB of space to download the iOS app.

Steps to download the app via Google Play Store

Go to the Jock MKT website on your mobile browser and click the "Get it on Google Play" button. Then click to download the app. Once the transfer is complete, it willinstall it on your Android device. You must have Android software version 12 or later to download the app.

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Selection of sports at Jock MKT Daily Fantasy Sports

If you are wondering, "Is Jock MKT legal?", then the popularity of the sports leagues available should put your mind at ease. This site partners with various major sports leagues to ensure that users can enjoy trading their favorite sports. As we've covered, these include the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, and NASCAR.


The NFL is the most popular Jock MKT league to bet on. You can buy and trade stocks between September and February each year, culminating in the Super Bowl for the ultimate contests.


NBA betting at Jock MKT is one of the easiest options as the scoring system is very simple. The markets are openfrom the regular season to the finals, which falls between October and June each year. A unique vision of the ordinary.daily fantasy baseballopportunities.

Big leagues

With MLB merchandise in the Jock MKT, you can support your favorite players from America's favorite pastime. The markets are openbetween March and November each year, with the World Series game being the latest and most popular commercial event.


Hockey fans will love itfantasy hockeywhat Jock MKT has to offer. When operating in the NHL league, points are earned for the performances of both regular players and goaltenders. The trade is open.from October to the Stanley Cup Finals in June.


The PGA Tour includes several major events, such as the Masters, the US Open and the PGA Championship. You can buy and trade player shares for all these events. There isevent possibilities throughout the year, making it a great option for golf fans.


As one of the latest sports added to Jock MKT's list of offerings, NASCAR offers plenty of excitement for local merchants. HeThe scoring system is incredibly simple.and there are many events, making it a good option for newcomers.

Availability of Jock MKT

You can buy, hold and sell Jock Market shares on33 US states. States that do not offer real money versions have not approved any form of legal online gambling or DFS gambling. However, you can play free versions from these states. For those who live in a state where Jock Market has not launched, please refer toParlayPlay App Reviewfor an alternative.

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Bonos de Jock MKT

As a new player on this site, you will be able to claim a welcome bonus at the registration stage. Fairenter bonus code Jock MKT JOCK250with your first deposit and you will receive a 100% deposit match in bonus funds up to $250.

You can spend your bonus funds on any paid event, unless otherwise stated. There is one5X turnover requirementapplies to bonus funds, which means you must bet and win five times the value of your deposit before bonus funds can be credited as real money. The minimum deposit amount is $20.

Jock MKTTill250 USDdeposit match4.5/5Visit the websiteTerms and conditions apply.18+. New players only.

Payment methods in Jock MKT Fantasy

When we ran our Jock MKT review, it was important that the site provide its players withfast and secure payment optionsfor both deposits and withdrawals. This ensures a more reliable and convenient gaming experience. We were pleased to see that several major suppliers were accepted.


Players can use debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal to fund their accounts at Jock MKT. HeThe minimum deposit requirement is $10.although we suggest making an initial deposit of $20 to be eligible for the welcome bonus. There are no deposit fees and payments are processed instantly.


Users can use debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal to make a withdrawal from Jock MKT. There are different minimum payout requirements for each method and the transaction time takesbetween one and five days. This is the default for US DFS sites.

limits and restrictions

In some states there are laws that set the maximum that can be deposited on one game site at a time. Could beIt helps to know your local laws.before making a deposit. Otherwise, the site will notify you of the deposit limits. If possible, you may be able to increase your deposit limits by contacting the site.

Customer service at Jock MKT

All customer service inquiries are at Jock MKTmust go through an email service. While we prefer that operators also provide live chat and phone support, we found response times from the customer support team to be quick and the answers to our questions accurate and helpful.

This is maybesignificant area of ​​improvement for the site. That said, it's not uncommon for such a new site to offer limited support services, so we expect this to change as the site grows in size and popularity.

Last word

To conclude this Jock MKT review, we can state that we were extremelyimpressed by innovationwhich this operator provides. There really isn't anything like it on the platform, and contests can require as much participation as investment from users.

There are several popular leagues for buying and trading stocks, and people familiar with DFS scoring will have no trouble understanding the rules. The platform together withOwnersBox fantasy sport, has pioneered innovative DFS modes unlike any other. To top it off, there isa generous welcome bonusfor new players with very reasonable terms and conditions.

Jock MKTTill250 USDdeposit match4.5/5Visit the websiteTerms and conditions apply.18+. New players only.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a bonus code for Jock MKT?

Yes there isa bonus code for new playersat Jock MKT. This is the JOCK250. You must enter this at the registration stage with your first deposit. Then you will receive one100% of your deposit as bonus funds. Money can be played in all games, unless otherwise stated in the rules of the event.

There is a minimum requirement of $20 to activate the bonus. you must also usebet your bankroll five timesbefore they are converted to cash. These are relatively common terms and conditions for casino bonuses, so we think they're worth claiming.

How exactly does the Jock MKT work?

Jock MKT's sidecombines both daily fantasy sports with a stock marketin the sense that you have to bid on players andscoring based on real-life player performance. Instead of having to select a list of players according to set requirements, you can spend as much money on as many players in different positions as you want.

The highest ranked participants thenwin part of the prize money. Jock Market's stock price for each player will fluctuate until the game starts. You will then be able to trade and buy more shares as the events progress, which is worth doing if you want to have a better chance of winning.

Is the Jock MKT app legit?

Yes, the Jock MKT app is legit. Could bedownloaded for iOS and Android devicesin their official app stores, and since both Apple and Google have strict requirements for gambling apps, it is clear thatare legal and legitimate. You will find the official links to the applications via the website.

There are several other important indicators that the platform is legitimate. For example sinceaccept payments through several reputable providers, including major credit cards and electronic wallets such as PayPal. The site is also licensed to operate in several states that have legalized daily fantasy sports.

How can I make money playing fantasy sports Jock MKT?

The only way to make money playing on this site is to own shares of high ranked players. Essentially, each event will describePrizes are offered for each rank.. If players you own share a rank in a prize tier, you will earn the specified prize amount for each share of the player you own.

You can set a small amount of how much you are willing to spend on a player or the sale price you want to sell a player for. A useful Jock Market strategy isI downloaded the appand set up notifications for when those prices are set. Be suredo a lot of researchalso in the previous and expected statistics of each player.

Where is it legal to play Jock MKT in the US?

The Jock MKT platform is legal forreal money games in 33 states. These include major online gambling states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The only states that have not approved the platform are those that have.daily fantasy sports banned or not yet legalizedor online gambling.

If you're in a state that doesn't allow a real money version of the game but still want to play, don't worry. You will be able toparticipate in free competitions. Although you won't be able to win money, it's a great opportunity to test your skills. Please note that the rules and options for each Jock Market stock symbol may vary in these free games.


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