Is Athens, Greece dangerous at night? On foot from Viktoria to Omonia (2023)


Many people say that Athens, Greece is dangerous at night, especially in the Omonia Square neighborhood. I walked from Viktoria metro station along Acharnon street towards Omonia square three years ago. Today I am going on the same trip to see if Athens, Greece is as dangerous as before or if the area around Omonoia Square is safer now in 2022.
If you're wondering if it's safe to stay at a hotel near Omonoia, take a look at this video so you can judge for yourself.


Hi guys, my name is Nick. I'm at the Victoria train station in Athens and I just received myself.

Ajito, I'm going to eat this gyro here in the Victoria station park and then I'll go to the ammonia and see if Athens is really dangerous at night.

I made a video of this about three years ago.

I'm going to go more or less the same way and see what's changed since then, since before the pandemic, so after I've eaten this, I'll start going guys, I'm done with my food, let's start going towards the ammonia.

So it's about 10:30 on a Thursday night and you see there are a lot of kids here in the park running around.

He knows how to play with his neighbors.

It's something you really don't see in the US anymore! I don't know it's just because you know it's warm inside and it's a nice night and uh.

You know, well, warm weather and all that, but I see it a lot here in Greece and Spain and places like that.

But we don't see that in the US.

Let's see, the police are over here.

Let's see what they are up to abroad, but I don't know why the police are here, but it might be because this area is known for something.

This area is known for something and not cats.

I'll give you a tip, read the sign here.

So that's what this area is every place.

You see that light outside the little house, it's a white light, but it should be a red light.

Don't censor me YouTube, so yeah.

So areas like this are general and not the best areas.

So it's about 10:30 right now and I'm going to the street that takes me to ammonia and then I'll probably stop there or continue to the monastadaki restaurant which is apparently afghanistan and uh.

A lot of the area here is Arab and Pakistani and stuff like that.

You know I got lost I read I'm on acronon which goes all the way back to where I live on catapultisia and here is some kind of shisha bar a lot of people abroad seriously so yes it's very lively here even at 10:30 with the kids from their parents, they're all here within a few blocks, but closer to ammonia, I think I'd say more desolate if I remember, so I think we'll get to it pretty soon, and here are these lottery places where people hang out and go lose money songs across the street Barber Shop small foreign Bodega so far I would rate this.

You know, lots of people outside, all doing their thing and enjoying their evening.

So to me it doesn't seem dangerous and as people say in comments they'd rather go here at night then somewhere like Detroit and I totally agree I'd rather go here than many places in the US .UU.

It sure is, as some Greeks commented in my previous video, many of them said that Greece is a safe place.

You know you're just highlighting that little pocket of the area that you know maybe it's not that safe but 99 of Greece is very safe and uh.

This is probably an area that most Greeks avoid anyway, so it's not a big deal, but I think it would be boring if you were just walking through a really safe area.

Excuse me, you speak English.

Is this area safe? Yes, it is safe, yes, it is ok because some people say that the ammonia area at night is dangerous dirt, and it is good, ok, so you have it from the same Greeks.

One thing, although they have bars on the windows, go up to the top floor.

Uh, it's a little uh, it's a little paranoid.

You know, maybe for a good reason.

Maybe it was back then or something, but it reminds me of driving through Bushwick Brooklyn in huh.

What the late 80s, early 90s and I remember seeing something like this, like a four story house and they had bars for the windows that went up to the fourth floor and there was no way someone could go up to the four floors.

You know, maybe the first or second floor, but up to the fourth floor.

They had bars on the windows, and it made me think that this neighborhood must be really dangerous if they have to board up all the windows, but last time I came here in 2019, uh right around this area, I think here. it was literally like me, I don't know: 10 15 homeless, guys you know who do drugs and stuff even during the day so I don't see them here right now.

Maybe they moved on.

Maybe they cleaned up this area a bit, huh, but they were right here.

I've seen them during the day when I arrived and I've seen them at night and they were all over this area so maybe I spoke too soon.

Okay, like me, I said huh.

It seems much better to me now than three years ago when I came here.

So maybe that answers the question in which way I go straight to the alien characters here, not to say that Athens is suddenly Scratchy and Clean and Free of Homes and Drug Addicts and Prostitutes and the like.

But like I said, it looks a little better since I was last here, foreigner, maybe I spoke too soon, so it looks like the people I was talking about have moved to a couple of these different side streets. here.

So they're here for sure, but hey.

The question that many ask is whether you know a lot of women in particular.

They say: hello I live in a hotel in ammonia.

Is it safe to go out? You know, after nine or ten or something like that to go back to my hotel room and I'll say it's probably just you know don't get drunk don't show jewelry or anything like that and you. Everything will be fine.

So there's ammonia, and let's see who's here right now and probably around quarter past 11.

Thanks, I see you have an outdoor restaurant here and so do I.

I'll tell you how it was the last time I came here.

The center piece here with these waterfalls was under construction so it definitely stuck.

Kind of a gloomy, you know, depressed feeling, especially at night, but as I open this up and get the waterfalls going and stuff, it definitely changes the mood quite a bit again.

This is not.

This isn't Disneyland or anything, but it sure looks a lot better.

Many more people out.

It works so huh.

You know, this is what ammonia looks like at night right here in front of Centro Hondo, which I saved a lot in my other video during the day, so guys.

This is what cool looks like at night when walking from Victoria to Plaza del Ammonia.

We have the falls behind you, it's about quarter past 11 at night, there are a lot of people outside, it's dangerous.

It is every place is dangerous.

um! You know, if you don't watch your back and be aware of your surroundings, but just looking at this now, it sounds fine to me, so I guess I've answered my own question.

Reese at night isn't really dangerous, and like anywhere in the world there are areas that are more dangerous than others, but usually many are overgrown like here.

You see a lot of people outside, so wait.

If you like this video, see you in the next one, thanks for watching guys.


Is Omonia Athens safe at night? ›

Stay safe. As a visitor, you may be encouraged by Athenian people to avoid Omonia area especially at night, however the neighbourhood is intensively patrolled by fully equipped anti-riot units, or at least on major intersections. Omonia is notorious for pickpockets and prostitutes, so keep an eye on your belongings.

Is Omonia a safe area in Athens? ›

There are no dangerous neighborhoods but avoid the following places at night time: Omonia Square (and surrounding area, up to Keramikos), Metaxourghio station and Exarchia. Keep an eye on your bags and belongings in touristic areas and public transport, as it's where pickpockets and bag snatchers hang around.

What are the unsafe areas of Athens? ›

Walking around Omonia, Patissia, or Exarchia at night is a definite no. Some areas of Monastiraki, Ermou, Psiri, and Syntagma Square, although central, are also pretty sketchy. There are a lot of people sleeping rough close to Monastiraki station and petty theft increases in this area after dark.

Can you walk around Athens at night? ›

As a general rule, you should avoid places that are dark and secluded. The center of Athens is not known for being the safest place in the world, but it is not the worst either. Just be careful, keep your company with you, and avoid the regions of Omonoia and Metaxourgeio after midnight.

What is the safest part of Athens? ›

Safest place to stay in Athens: Plaka, Kolonaki, Koukaki, Monastiraki and all the areas around Acropolis (Thission, Petralona, Filopappou) are considered super safe. Syntagma Square is not so safe as it is usually the epicentre of demonstrations and riots. Also, Exarcheia, Kypseli, Gyzi and Omonoia are less safe.

What is the safest area to stay in Athens Greece? ›

First-timers to Athens should stay in one of the walkable, central neighborhoods with easy access to the Acropolis, Agoras, and museums. Monastiraki, Plaka, Syntagma, Psirri, Makriyanni, and the City Center are just about perfect.

Should I carry my passport with me in Greece? ›

Carry your passport or some form of photo identification at all times. Police may detain you for questioning if you do not have proper identification with you.

Where to stay away from in Athens Greece? ›

Athens is also a very safe city at night, but try to avoid the Exarchia and Omonia neighborhoods at night, and be cautious in Monastiraki Square and the green metro line. Philopappos Hill is also best avoided after dark as it is more isolated than you might think.

Is Athens safe for solo female travellers? ›

Greece has many beautiful and safe areas for solo female travellers. Where you decide to stay depends upon your interests when you're there. For the history and culture solo, Athens is a great place to stay. As the Greek capital, it has many ancient ruins and museums and a bustling nightlife scene.

What are the roughest areas in Greece? ›

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Greece
  • Athens. Since Athens is the capital city of Greece and has a population of more than 3 million people, it is the country's most dangerous part. ...
  • Exarcheia. ...
  • Omonia. ...
  • Agio Panteliemonas. ...
  • Syntagma. ...
  • Glyfada.

What is the safest town in Greece? ›

5 Safest Cities In Greece
  • Athens, Greece.
  • Syros, Greece.
  • Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Santorini, Greece.

Can you get around Athens on foot? ›

Though modern Athens extends from the sea to the mountains, the city's core, where most of the ancient sites cluster around the Acropolis, is compact and very walkable. Visitors without mobility issues on short visits may find they can get around the sights entirely on foot.

Should you tip in Greece? ›

Tipping is quite common in Greece, though not obligatory. As with most other countries, you're not required to tip if you don't feel the service you received was worthy. You certainly won't be met with a grumpy attitude should you opt not to tip.

Do taxis run all night in Athens Greece? ›

Athens Taxis – What you need to know

Taxis operate a 24-hour service and are quite cheap.

What are the most safest places for tourist in Athens? ›

Learn how to create your own.
  1. Plaka. Plaka is the overall best and safest area to stay in Athens for tourists, especially for first-timers due to its central location and proximity to popular landmarks. ...
  2. Kolonaki. ...
  3. Koukaki. ...
  4. Monastiraki. ...
  5. Thission.

Is it safe to walk around Athens alone? ›

Yes, Athens is safe for solo travelers! Greece is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and it's such a beautiful country with so much to offer. You can easily do activities and attractions on your own without worry.

Is Athens a late night city? ›

In a recent study, Athens was found to be the second most “awake” city in the world, after Cairo, Egypt. However, many would argue that it belongs in the first place. Whether you're looking for something to eat or drink, a party, a kiosk or a pharmacy, you can find it all through the night in Athens.


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