How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (2023)

Spider-Man is a surprisingly broad franchise. The wall-crawler has 10 solo films led by four Spider-Men and three crossover appearances in just over 20 years starring on the big screen. All 10 films exist in the same multiverse, so it can be a challenge for a new viewer to figure things out. Here's our guide through the Spider-Verse as we take you through each film step by step.

There will be some mild spoilers as this list contains sequels, so keep that in mind as you read. However, there won't be anything too significant that hasn't been revealed by the film's trailers and marketing.

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Spider-Man movies in order of release

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (1)

Here isSpider Manmovies in order of their theatrical release dates.

Spider Man- 3. maj 2002

spider man 2- 30. June 2004

spider man 3- 4. maj 2007

The Amazing Spider-Man- July 3, 2012

The amazing spider-man 2- 2. maj 2014

spiderman: homecoming- July 7, 2017

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse- 1. december 2018

Spider-Man: Far From Home- July 2, 2019

Spider-Man: No Way Home- 17. december 2021

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse- June 2, 2023

Spider Man

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (2)

The firstSpider Manfilm ever brought to the screen is the perfect starting point. ManagerSam Raimis Spider-Man (2002)offers an incredible origin story for Peter Parker as he learns the responsibilities of being a superhero and using his gifts for good. At a time when cartoons were constantly trying to avoid their cheesy roots,Spider Manhe bent over and embraced them with him in his shiny red and blue spandex, fighting such a monstrous villain as the Green Goblin. This film is arguably what defines the modern superhero blockbuster.

movie starsTobey Maguireas the spectacular Spider-Man, along withwillem defoe(Norman Osborne),Kirsten Dunst(Mary Jane Watson),James Franco(Harry Osborn),J.K. Simmons(J. Jonas Jamison),romero harris(Aunt May), androbertson klippe(Uncle Ben).

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spider man 2

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (3)

The sequel toSpider Manis none other thanspider man 2. This film takes us back to the life of Maguire's Peter Parker and we see how things have changed since the previous film. Now he is in college, he has his own apartment and he meets one of his idols.Otto Octavio, played by Alfred Molina.

spider man 2it builds on what made the first film work so well. The characters are great, the story is touching, and Doc Ock's robotic arms look amazing today. It's almost a perfect movie because it's a story about Peter Parker, and the human element will always be the most interesting part of Spider-Man.

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spider man 3

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (4)

Sam Raimi's latest filmSpider Manthe trilogy isspider man 3. Here Peter's arc is coming to an end. Everything seems to be going well, but things begin to change after coming into contact with an alien symbiote. Peter must decide who Spider-Man will be and how to honor the lessons he learned from Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

In this movie, the webswinger battles The New Goblin, Sandman (thomas haden church), and Venom (topher gracia). Although primarily considered the weakest of the three,spider man 3still has some moments where the characters shine,becomes a cult classic.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (5)

AfterSpider Mantrilogy ended in 2007, Sony Pictures decided to reboot the franchise. leads toThe Amazing Spider-Man af Marc Webb. Here we see Peter's origin story again, but with a few modern twists. Dealing with the loss of his parents, Uncle Ben, he now has to deal with his new spider powers.

Andrew Garfieldnow he is the main character as the incredible Spider-Man. next to him isEmma Stone(Gwen Stacy),Rhys Ifans(Dr. Connors),denis leary(Captain Stacy)outputfelt(Aunt May), andmartin shine(Uncle Ben).

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The amazing spider-man 2

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (6)

IThe amazing spider-man 2, Peter Parker (Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Stone) graduate from high school and prepare for college. Asspider man 3Previously, we're up against three new villains, and that's a lot to juggle. electronic (Jamie Foxx), rhinoceros (Paul Giamatti), and Santa (Danish DeHaan).The amazing spider-man 2have many different stories to juggle,but Garfield and Stone shine as the two leads. Their chemistry is undeniable.

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spiderman: homecoming

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (7)

Our third iteration of Peter Park in 10 years.tom hollandtakes on the role in the first MCU Spider-Man film,spiderman: homecoming. Leaving the events ofCaptain America: Civil War, Peter returns to his life in Queens and must balance his high school life and his life as a hero.

This movie takes us back to school in oneJuan Hughes-Esque coming-of-age movie. The movie manages to skip the origin story and get into the fun stuff. Parker must navigate life as a high school student and superhero. Holland is also a breath of fresh air, as his version of Parker seems more immature than the previous two actors. Holland's co-stars includeRobert Downey jr.(Iron Man),marisa tomei(May Parker),Zendaya(Michelle Jones),jacob's fight(Ned Leeds),Laura Harrier(Liz Allen)miguel keaton(Adrian Toomes), andjon favreau(Happy Hogan).

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (8)

We end the Holland trilogy with arguably the best superhero movie ever made.Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verseis an animated film starring Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), as he gains spider powers and faces a multiversal threat. Becoming a superhero isn't easy, but luckily Miles has the perfect mentor to help him along the way, Peter B. Parker (jake johnson), a middle-aged multiversal variant of Spider-Man.

into the spider-verseThat's all you want to see. An incredible coming-of-age story that focuses on all aspects of Miles' life, not only the superhuman in relation to his newfound power, but also his human side, such as his relationship with his friends, parents and uncle. The movie sums up everything we love about Spider-Man.

Miles and Peter are not alone! Here are Moore and Johnson's co-stars:hailee steinfeld(Gwen Stacy),Nicholas Cage(Spider-Man Noir),John Mulaney(Spider-Ham),Chemical Gorge(Penny Parker),Mahershala Ali(Uncle Aaron),Brian Tyree Henry(Jeffery Davis),moon velez(River Morales)Chris pino(Spider Man),kathryn hahn(Doc Ock),Zoë Kravitz(Mary Jane Watson), yLiev Schreiber(Wilson Fisk).

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (9)

Spider-Man: Far From Homesees Peter Parker return to everyday life after the last event in the almost universeavengersexcursion. He and his friends are ready for a fun school trip, but things go downhill when Mysterio and Nick Fury enlist their help against the elemental monsters.

After the facts ofAvengers Endgame,Spider-Man: Far From Homeacts as epilogue and pallet cleaner. The film tells a light-hearted story of Peter moving beyond Tony Stark's looming shadow, his search for a normal life thrown on its head in true Parker fashion. The film continues the John Hughes vibe setspiderman: homecomingwhile taking the show around the world, giving it a sense of adventure that the previous film lacked.

Tom Holland reprises his role as Spider-Man alongside returning cast members: Marisa Tomei (May Parker), Zendaya (Michelle Jones), Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds),Martin Starr(Sr. Harrington),JB Smoove(Julio Dell),Angourie ris(Betty Brant) and Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan). Making his first appearance in the film isSamuel L Jackson(Nick Fury),cobie smulders(Maria Cerro), andJake Gyllenhaal(Mystery).

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Spider-Man: No Way Home

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (10)

Picks up just moments after the events ofSpider-Man: Far From Home,Spider-Man: No Way Homewatching Peter deal with the fallout from his match against Mysterio. Peter must deal with the ghost of the past and learn the ultimate lesson that with great power comes great responsibility.

Spider-Man: No Way Homeit's a celebration of the films that came before it, but more importantly, it sees Holland's version of Peter Parker shine like never before. The film takes us into the Multiverse Saga and becomes one of the best in the MCU.

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

How to watch the 'Spider-Man' movies in order (chronologically and by release date) (11)

Returning to the spider-verse, Miles reunites with Gwen and Peter B. Parker as Miles' world is once again turned upside down. The Spider-Verse saga continues the themes of family and individuality seen in the first film, and Miles must fight not only for his friends and family, but also for the safety of the multiverse.Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hits theaters June 2.

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