Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (2023)

Dying Light 2 te exige questrategizefight while fighting zombies or human enemies. Therefore we have healedbest bow indying light2,thanks to which you will be able to grab some of the best weapons available in the game.

key takeaways

  • dying light 2It is aopen world first person zombie survivalgame and forstay aliveyou need a handfularmasWhat are theypowerful.
  • dying light 2have aeasygo witharmas,have manymelee weaponyranged weaponthen the playersown.
  • arcsisbest range weaponsidying light 2and here they aresomeable tocompareysome are freementhey require a bit of effort.
  • Someofthe bows you should try arePipe loop, Rust loop, Paper clip loop, Seam loop,yCrossbow PK

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Dying Light 2 best arcs

First of all, here are all our picks forbest bowslist. Able tocompareisStatisticsin the next table:

arch nameArrow Strike DamageHow to acquire
pipe arch30,0Complete the tenth story mission in the game, which is the Let's Waltz mission
quick artifact arc81,0Complete the mid game, go over to each merchant and trade it with them if they have the bow available.
papirclips bue88,0It can be found in a room that you will encounter while doing The Shoe Quest
nail bow110,0It can be found in a structure in the wasteland outside of the Garrison.
Crossbow PK171,0Give 4 facilities to peacekeepers and the PK crossbow will be added to your inventory
rustbue81,0You can acquire this bow by visiting a church found on the second island on the map.

The following guide is based on what we discovered while playing the game. I spent about 30 hours in the game and managed to get my hands on the bestDying Light Weapons 2and large arches. These weapons not only helped me keep a safe distance while taking down my target, but also helped me in many other situations that I will talk about later. Note that the amount of damage a bow deals will increase as you level up.

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So without further delay, let's take a look at some of the best ties in Dying Light 2.

pipe arch

DescriptionDamageHow to acquire
A decent mid-range weapon that allows you to take out enemies from a good distance.30 damagewith each arrow strokeExit10game story quest that isLet's roll issue

The first arc I would like to mention in oursThe best arc of Dying Light 2guide is Rørbuen. This is probably the first bow you'll get in the game, so it's best to familiarize yourself with it. Before this, you won't get your hands on any ranged weapons and will have to manage use and repair.melee weaponfor most of the game.

The Pipe Bow is a decent ranged weapon that can help you take out your targets at a good distance. It's capable of doing 30 damage with each hit, and you'll need to insert a few arrows into your target to take them out. It will be advisable to make special arrows for this bow because you cannot expect much from normal arrows.

Overall, the Pipe Bow is an average bow. It's a great addition to your arsenal, but you should trade it up as soon as you find a better option. Until then, you can rely on this bow to get those ranged kills. Also, while you're here, why don't you take a lookDying Light 2 skills.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (1)

After completing the Let's Waltz mission, which is the 10th story mission in the game, you will receive the Pipe Bow. Furthermore, the quest will also reward you with some drawings, through which you can make some special arrows.

Resting artifact bow

DescriptionDamageHow to acquire
An arc that allows playersquicklyget rid of your enemies as they arefastas well as doing quite a bit of damage.81 injurieswith each arrow strokeAfter you finish the midgame, go over to each merchant and trade it with them if they have the bow available.

Next we have the Rust Artifact arc. This is the arc after which you will start to fall in love with ranged weapons. Unlike the Pipe Bow, which does 30 damage per hit, the Rust Artifact bow is capable of doing 81 damage with each arrow. This means you only need to use a few arrows to take down your target with this bow.

If you use a special type of arrow with the Rust Artifact bow, then you can expect it to work wonders. The Rust Artifact bow is also much faster than the Pipe Bow and you can even use it against enemies like Drowners. For those of you who don't know, Drowners are special zombies that appear towards the end of the game. They will chase you and explode as soon as they get close to you.

So you need something that can quickly take them out from afar considering they are one shot anyway. To this end, we suggest taking the Rust Artifact bow with you, that is, if you haven't acquired a better ranged weapon than this.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (2)

The Rust Artifact Bow is not something you can craft or a weapon you get as a reward for completing a quest. Instead, you have to look for it at the dealers. Once you've completed half the game, it would be wise to check in with every merchant that comes your way.

I managed to get it through the merchant located at the bottom of the PK Floating Fortress. However, you don't have to find it at the same grocery store. So be sure to look around if the arch isn't there.

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papirclips bue

DescriptionDamageHow to acquire
One of thestronger bowsin the game that isincredibly fastand deals a lot of damage.88 injurieswith each arrow strokeIt can be found in a room that you will come across as you doThe search for the shoe

Now coming down to one of the strongest bows in Dying Light 2. Of all the bows I used in Dying Light 2, the Paper Clip bow is one of the strongest and fastest of all. After getting my hands on this beauty, I performed quick kills from a distance.

In addition, the paper clip can deal massive damage, with each arrow dealing 88 damage. Thanks to him, I was able to take down most of the zombies with a single headshot and two bodyshots. The bow even works well against human enemies as you can expect the same results against them.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (3)

I have used the Paper Clip Loop in many critical situations and it has not failed me once. There was one time where I had to clear an area full of zombies and there was even a giant Goon roaming around. But using the Paper Clip bow and some special arrows, I was able to clear the area in no time.

The Paper Clip bow can be acquired during The Shoe quest. In it, Lawan will tell you to go to his apartment to get his shoes. As you hike, you will learn a few secrets about Lawan that I won't mention here. During the search for the shoes, however, you will also find a room.

There will be a GRE Inhabitant Container inside this room and the Paper Clip Loop will be right next to it. However, some players claimed that they couldn't find the clipboard inside the apartment and found it in a random loot box. While we don't know if this is a bug or not, it would be wise to search every loot box you find if you can't find it inside the apartment.

nail bow

DescriptionDamageHow to acquire
Is hestronger bowlike himfasting bowidying light 2.110 damagewith each arrow stroke- Go towildernessoutsideGarrison

Climb to the top of the structures.

- You can find the bow inright side of the structure

When it comes to bows, this is by far the strongest. With the highest damage output of any bow in Dying Light 2, the Nails Bow can deal 110 damage with each hit. You can expect this bow to take out your target with a single body shot. And for stronger targets, you might only need to insert two or three arrows into them, except for thugs, since they don't go down that easily. All this makes it one of the best arcs in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (4)

The Nails Bow also happens to be the fastest bow in Dying Light 2. And why wouldn't it be? I mean, it's a rare bow that isn't easy to get. And if you end up taking some wrong steps, you might not understand it at all. That's why Techland made this arc so powerful.

To get your hands on the Nails arc, head to the badlands just outside of Garrison. This is a place you will visit during a mission called Veronika. You can do the next step in two ways; wait to get to the quest and look for the bow, or you can just go to this location if you're still early in the game.

However, keep in mind that if you finish the story, you won't be able to get this bow as the location won't be available.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (5)

Once you reach the location marked in the image above, scale the structures. Once at the top, go to the right side of the structure and you can find the Nails bow lying on the ground waiting for you to pick it up.

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Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (6)

Overall, the Nails lasso is great.due to its power and stats. After acquiring this bow, you don't need to look for any other bow as this will help you in any situation.

Crossbow PK

DescriptionDamageHow to acquire
Hebest ranged weaponin the game with absurd amounts of damage per hit. Applicationboltratherpile171 injurieswith each arrow strokeHand in4 facilitiesto the peacekeepers, and the PK crossbow will be added to your inventory

The list would be incomplete without mentioning the PK crossbow. While the Nails bow is the best, the PK crossbow is the best ranged weapon. The damage it can do with each hit is higher than all bows, but that's something I already expected from a crossbow.

At the time of writing, I've only managed to find one crossbow in the entire game, and it's this one. But since the PK crossbow had everything I wanted in a crossbow, I didn't bother looking for another one.

Instead of arrows, the PK crossbow uses bolts as ammunition. Do not worry; the game will also allow you to create special bolts, such as arrows. With each hit, the PK Crossbow can deal 171 damage. Yes, you read that right. I was able to take down my targets with a single hit on their body with this weapon.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (7)

The funnest part is using special bolts with this crossbow. For example, I made a bunch of Impact Bolts and went to the rooftops where some Renegades were camped. So using the impact bolts I was able to knock them off the building one by one.

This made things much easier and saved a lot of time. You can even use Impact Bolts to send your target flying into the surrounding traps. It will help you to remove them quickly and easily. Overall, the PK crossbow is the best ranged weapon in Dying Light 2.

To get the PK crossbow, deliver four facilities to the Peacekeepers, one of the two ruling groups in Dying Light 2, the other being the Survivors. After giving four installations to the Peacekeepers, the PK Crossbow will be added to your inventory. You will also get drawings to make the special bolts for it.


DescriptionDamageHow to acquire
a verystrong bowin the injuryaspectswhile also being easily accessible.81 injurieswith each arrow strokeYou can buy this bow by visiting oneiglesiait's in itSecond island on the map.

The Rust Bow is considered to be very strong when it comes to damage, and luckily it's not that hard to get either, as you don't need money to buy it, and you can also get it early in the game. The arch can be found in a specific location on the map, which is the second island on the map, and it is this church on the map:

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (8)

Once you reach the church, enter the church from the northwest side as shown in the image below:

So after you go inside you will see these boxes shown below, jump on them and do the rest of the parkour and then you will see a broken window through which you can go through and reach the roof of the church.

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Then you have to run through the grass floor and there you will see a half broken yellow ladder, you have to go up it and then turn around and there you will see a platform that you have to go up after going up that look to the right and go up and you're almost there.

You need to go up a little higher and there you will see a scaffolding, climb it and there you have it, you will find your free rust bow along with a military crate for high value rewards.

Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them (9)

And there you have it, a powerful ranged weapon that can drastically help you fight bosses and survive the night longer.

To involve

Acquiring power bows may not matter in the early stages of the game, it will later. This is because as you progress through the game, you will encounter new types of enemies. To take out some of them, like bombers, you need to keep a safe distance to avoid getting hurt. To this end, a ranged weapon in your arsenal is nothing short of a blessing.

This marks the end of ourThe best arc of Dying Light 2guide. So far I have found four bows and one crossbow in the game. But as you explore more parts of the game, you can expect to find other arcs as well. Techland will most likely add new ones through future updates as well. We will update the list as soon as we find another bow or if Techland adds a new one.

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Dying Light 2 best bows and how to get them? ›

While the PK Crossbow and Pipe Bow are some of the best weapons in Dying Light 2, you are going to have to play through the game a little before you can unlock them. To unlock the Pipe Bow in Dying Light 2, you will need to complete the 'Let's Waltz' mission which is around the midway point of the main storyline.

What is the most powerful bow in Dying Light 2? ›

While the PK Crossbow and Pipe Bow are some of the best weapons in Dying Light 2, you are going to have to play through the game a little before you can unlock them. To unlock the Pipe Bow in Dying Light 2, you will need to complete the 'Let's Waltz' mission which is around the midway point of the main storyline.

Do bows scale Dying Light 2? ›

The bow from the Twitch drops scales to your level, so it's the only bow you can get for levels 7, 8, or 9 without mods at the moment.

What is the best crossbow in Dying Light 2? ›

The PK Crossbow is one of the absolute best ranged weapons in the game and it's not too hard to get your hands on. Dying Light 2 isn't short on weapons, and it's definitely not short on great weapons.

What is the best legendary bow in Dying Light 2? ›

How to get the Yardstick in Dying Light 2. The Dying Light 2 Yardstick is now the best bow in the game, dealing 353 damage at Level 9. The Composite is also a good bow, but both are better than the previous options like the Nails or the Twitch Drops exclusive, the Legendary quality Funkadelic.

What is the most powerful weapon mission in Dying Light 2? ›

The Ultimate Weapon is a side quest in Dying Light 2 given to you by a monk in Horseshoe. It can be found to the South of the Willow Windmill. The monk promises you the location of the “world's most powerful weapon” in exchange for 200 Old World Money.

Can you get a gun in Dying Light 2? ›

Currently, Dying Light 2 has just one firearm in the game. Called the Boomstick, players can find this weapon by finishing the "Observatory" mission and purchasing the blueprint from a craft-master vendor in a Peacekeeper territory.

How do you get the Ranger bow in Dying Light 2? ›

The Ranger Bow is craftable from the start of the game after acquiring the DLC along with blueprints for all arrow types,as well as being easily crafted allowing players a early game option to deal large DPS,it is also the second highest damage bow with Upgrades and the highest for base damage.

How do you get the PK Crossbow? ›

The PK Crossbow is obtained after providing four facilities to the Peacekeepers as part of the Crossbow Pack. Aside from the Crossbow itself, blueprints for bolts are also obtained in said pack. Unlike most weapons in the game, the PK Crossbow is not leveled, and instead scales with the player level.

Is there a compound bow in dying light? ›

The Compound Crossbow is a weapon obtained in the The Following expansion for Dying Light. Crane is given an inferior version of this weapon by The Faceless after assisting the survivors in the Countryside; the Compound Crossbow upgrade is received when he has further gained their trust.

What are all the safe codes in Dying Light 2? ›

Dying Light 2 safe codes
  • Bazaar Church safe code: 5-1-0.
  • Nightrunner Hideout safe code: 1-0-1.
  • "Book Club X" safe code: 21-12-55.
  • "Out Of Your League" safe code: 11-11-19.
  • "The First Biomarker" safe code: 9-7-3.
  • "Moonshine" safe code: 14-9-2.
  • South Quarry End safe code: 22-67-66.
  • "Little Boy" safe code: 10-28-64.
Mar 29, 2023

Should I side with PK or survivors? ›

While joining either faction has no bearing on the storyline, Peacekeepers are slightly better than Survivors in Dying Light 2. This is because when you join the Peacekeepers, you receive much better rewards such as car traps, electrical traps and the PK Razor Canon.

What is the strongest weapon in dying light? ›

At the top is an orange rarity Fabulous Military Machete with 5,106 damage. At the bottom Extravagant Military Machete with 5,298 damage. Both weapons are obtained at the same time with Legend skill-tree rank 224 character.

Is the PK Crossbow good? ›

The PK crossbow scales and has a whooping 990-something damage when you are level 9, but the reload is a little slow especially since almost every action cancels the reload, but against Volatiles its much, much better than a bow. Basically, they are both useful tools depending on the situation.

What is the best ranged gear in Dying Light 2? ›

We recommend keeping a bow or crossbow along with four to five arrow ammunition type as your primary weapon of choice for Ranger build. You should also keep a blunt or sharp melee secondary weapon with the best mods should you find yourself in a pickle with the crowd of renegades or surrounded by infected indoors.

Is there an unbreakable weapon in Dying Light 2? ›

Shortly after the game's release, a secret developer room was found that had some easter eggs for fans, as well as the Korek weapon charm that made weapons unbreakable.

What is the strongest enemy in Dying Light 2? ›

Volatiles are, without a doubt, the deadliest infected in the game. They're even considered the apex predators among the infected. These zombies are built differently and have incredible speed and strength, making them an incredibly dangerous threat. The best way to deal with Volatiles is not to deal with them at all.

Does Dying Light 2 have secret weapons? ›

You can find several secret weapons and Easter Eggs throughout the map in the game. And our Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs guide is here to help you get your hands on these items. Some of the Easter Eggs are weapons, while others are just items you can keep in your inventory.

Is the PK Crossbow the only crossbow in Dying Light 2? ›

The only crossbow that we've been able to find in Dying Light 2 so far is the PK Crossbow. This weapon is unlocked by giving the Peacekeepers four structures throughout the game, which you're likely to make happen in the game's second map, the Central Loop.

Are knuckle dusters good in Dying Light 2? ›

Lazarus (Knuckle Dusters) deals fairly more damage than Stabber Claws and has better perks. Obtaining this weapon requires a long process and is given to you by Aitor after helping him. The Boomstick is a unique weapon, it lets you eliminate enemies in a single shot, but it can only be used once.

Can you get crossbow without peacekeepers? ›

The crossbow is a powerful ranged weapon in Dying Light 2 that, along with its bolts, can only be obtained by aligning with the Peacekeepers.

Are there gold weapons in Dying Light 2? ›

Known as Artifact Weapons, these gold-labelled items can be found among the rest of the randomized loot in the game, although they're much trickier to discover than Uncommon, Rare or Unique weapons.

Is there a sniper in Dying Light? ›

The sniper is positioned somewhere around the old Electrical Station, and you need to take cover while trying to reach it. If you're exposed and not moving, the sniper will, obviously, shoot you. It's not a fatal shot, but two or three are enough to kill Aiden. The Station is surrounded by Infected and toxic chemicals.

How do you get a bozak bow? ›

In order to obtain the bow, you must complete all of Bozak's 20 trials. However, many players have stated in the gaming community that the Bozak Horde is very difficult, playing in cooperative makes time limits smaller, enemies more numerous, and more objectives.

How do you get the volatile Hunter baton? ›

Volatile Hunter Baton is a weapon modification that appears in Dying Light. Its blueprint can be acquired at the start of the game through the Volatile Hunter DLC pack.

What is the heatwave crossbow in Dying Light? ›

Heatwave is a skin for the Upgraded Crossbow. It is functionally the same in every way except for its appearance. As expected, it means that any strategies that can be used on the Upgraded Crossbow can be used for this weapon.

How do you get the black key crossbow? ›

Located in a chest in the Roundtable Hold cellar, through an Imp Statue door requiring Stonesword Keys to access.

How do you get the black ox crossbow? ›

The Black Ox Crossbow is a Tier III ranged weapon that offers great damage and minimal stun capability. It requires a Workbench to craft as well as defeating black ox beetles to collect their parts in addition to some Rust, Lint Rope, and Pinecone Pieces.

What is 10 points fastest crossbow? ›

THE FASTEST CROSSBOW - With speed of 505 feet per second, 227-foot pounds of blistering power, and a perfectly balanced, reverse-draw platform, the Nitro 505 is the fastest crossbow on the market and the most powerful crossbow ever.

What is the unique bow in Dying Light 2? ›

To unlock the bow in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you're going to need to play a bit of the main story. You'll need to complete a handful of hours to reach the Let's Waltz mission. This is roughly the midway point into the game. After completing the mission, you'll unlock a blueprint for a bow called the Pipe Bow.

How do you get level 9 in Dying Light 2? ›

Once you complete the campaign, endgame activities that you can also earn Level 9 gear from are legendary world events. These could involve taking down a tough infected or a team of Renegades, and you'll know they're the right ones as they'll be identified by an orange marker on your HUD and map.

Can you get a gun in Dying Light? ›

How do you find guns in dying light? Firearms can be found in key locations within the Slums of Harran and are nearly in abundance in Sector 0. They will begin to appear in stores for a very high price when one gets to a high enough level, usually at Level 15+ Survivor.

What is the safe code 666 in dl2? ›

On the desk next to the inhibitor is a note. The note will hint at the code for the safe. Go to the safe, enter 666, and the safe will open. Once it does, you'll be able to grab the first duck.

What is the safe code for 1000 Dying Light 2? ›

Safe Code – (1000/10)+(3333*2)+220000=… (22 67 66) is one of mementos found Dying Light 2. It is part of the Artifact Collectable set.

What are the rubber ducks for in Dying Light 2? ›

These evil ducks are used for unlocking the Doom Easter Egg, located at the lowest level of the VNC Tower. Be warned as it will take longer than just a couple of minutes to get your hands on all the black ducks, and even then your job isn't done.

What is the best bow in dying light DLC? ›

The Ranger bow is the best bow you can get in Dying Light.

What is the best ranged weapon in Dying Light 2? ›

The Peacekeeper crossbow

In a game without guns, the PK Crossbow is one of the best weapons in Dying Light 2, if not the best. The amount of damage the PK Crossbow scales with Aiden's level, from what we can tell.

Is there an unbreakable weapon in Dying Light? ›

There is no unbreakable melee weapon in the game, albeit guns are technically unbreakable due to their "durability" being equal to available ammo they can consume.

Is there a sniper in dying light? ›

The sniper is positioned somewhere around the old Electrical Station, and you need to take cover while trying to reach it. If you're exposed and not moving, the sniper will, obviously, shoot you. It's not a fatal shot, but two or three are enough to kill Aiden. The Station is surrounded by Infected and toxic chemicals.

What is the very best crossbow? ›

Quick Recommendations
  • Ravin R20 – The Most Compact Crossbow.
  • Barnett Whitetail Hunter II – Best Budget Crossbow.
  • Killer Instinct Speed 425 – Best Adjustable Crossbow.
  • Excalibur Micro Suppressor – The Most Silent Crossbow.
  • Bear X Intense CD – A Durable and Fast Crossbow.
  • CenterPoint CP400 – The Affordable Top Tier Crossbow.

What is the unique crossbow in Dying Light 2? ›

The PK Crossbow is a unique Crossbow which appears in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The weapon has a small bolt magazine containing five bolts. The PK Crossbow is obtained after providing four facilities to the Peacekeepers as part of the Crossbow Pack.

What is the fastest crossbow? ›

The fastest crossbow in 2023 is the Scorpyd Nemesis, although it's on pre-order. For the fastest crossbow available now, visit the TenPoint Nitro XRT. For each crossbow's FPS (feet-per-second), we sourced information from manufacturers, and are confident it's the most up-to-date at the time of the review.

What is better Twilight Bow or Bow of Light? ›

It has a range reaching up to 8000. And when compared to the original Bow of Lights' range of 500, one can easily see how truly impressive such things are. All that and unlimited Light Arrows, the specialty ammunition required. We'd go as far as to call the Twilight Bow the best bow in Breath of the Wild.


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