15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (2023)

Nostalgia, taste and tradition, these three words pretty much sum up the famous lip-smacking food of Allahabad or shall we say, Prayagraj? The holy land and a city of pilgrims and pilgrimages, Allahabad is undoubtedly among the best places to visit in India thanks to the Kumbh Mela that started in the city just a few days ago on January 15, 2018. The city has always enjoyed a with significance in Indian scriptures as it is situated at the confluence of the three holy rivers of India namely Ganga, Yamuna and the ancient Saraswati. It also hosts the largest gathering of pilgrims and holy men called the Kumbh Mela, which is held once every 12 years. Thousands of visitors come to the city and it comes alive in all its colors. This is definitely the best time to enjoy street food in the city!

So join us as we take you on this delicious journey to explore Allahabad's famous food:

1. Kachori y Sabzi a Netram Mulchand and Sons

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (1)

Round, flaky, flavorful and melts in your mouth: Kachoris from Allahabad have a certain charm that simply cannot be put into words. As the old saying goes, you have to eat them to believe them. These Urad Dal balls are filled with a spicy and tangy filling that goes perfectly with the Sabzi that they are covered with. Locals and many other netizens confirm that Netram Mulchand & Sons is one of the places to enjoy local food in Allahabad. The best part of this offering on their menu is that the Kachoris are fried in Pure Desi Ghee which gives them a unique and sumptuous taste.

ADDRESS:259, Katra Chouraha, Katra, Allahabad

2. Lassi and Raja Ram Lassi

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (2)

Made from thick, creamy, delicious and fresh yogurt, this Lassi in Allahabad should definitely be on your must-have list. Whisk the yogurt into rich, buttery goodness until the cream foams on top. Various sweet and fragrant flavors are then added to provide an impressive and luxurious bite. The malai, i.e. the cream on top, can be scraped off if you don't like it too much, but we recommend that you drink a glass with the malai intact. The lassi is mainly served in handmade clay cups that are eco-friendly and give an earthy flavor to the drink.
Raja Ram Lassi Waalaa is undoubtedly the best place to try this creamy delicacy! What makes the glass full of goodness here unique is that it is made by hand and has retained its flavor for over 120 years!

ADDRESS:18/36, Loknath Lane, Chowk, Malviya Nagar, Allahabad

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3. Biryani på Eat on

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (3)

For lovers of this rice delicacy, there is no better place than Eat on at Civil Lines. One of the cheap eateries in town, it's always packed with foodies polishing off plate after plate of luscious, spicy delights. A hit with the locals, it has become an almost integral part of local Allahabad food.
Palace Compound, nær Palace Cinema, MG Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad

4. Chaat en Nirala

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (4)

Chaat is one of the most ubiquitous items among street food across the country. Allahabad prides itself on its delicious street food and the chaat is to die for.

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But as any Allahabadi will tell you, nobody does it like Nirala ki Chaat. The shop has been making its chaat delights for years and has since become a hallmark of Loknath Lane. The best part though is that all their menu items like 'Dahi-Sonth ke Batashe', Papdi Chaat and Phulkisthey are made from Desi Ghee. According to the locals, this is what makes the difference. For a true gastronomic delight, enjoying the Allahabadi chaat is a must.

ADDRESS:Loknath Lane (Omkring Ghantaghar), Malviyanagar, Allahabad

5. Gulab Jamuns and Hira Halwai

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (5)

The delicious brown balls of goodness and sweetness epitomize sweet tooth in Allahabad cuisine. The soft and airy Gulab Jamuns are made from fresh milk following recipes developed over the years. Just as the city swears by tradition, so do its food producers and diners. The resulting sweet is fresh, grainy, dense and yet smooth at the same time. While you are here, don't forget to pack some home, they are known to retain their taste and flavor for a long time.
ADDRESS:Gulti No.4, Maharshi Dayanand Marg, Lineas Civiles, Allahabad

6. Masala Churmura in every corner

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (6)

There is no doubt that Masala Churmura is one of the most famous and peculiar street foods of Allahabad. Although you can find it at almost every corner in the city, it is best to have it at Civil Lines. Bearing some resemblance to Kolkata's Jhaal-Muri, it is a takeaway snack made with fresh puffed rice, lime, some spices, roasted chickpeas, peanuts and of course chat masala. The resulting mixture is an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Just go a little out of your way to shop at Civil Lines and let taste do the rest.

ADDRESS:Civil Lines, Allahabad

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7. Chole Samosas en Sainik

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (7)

No food pilgrimage to Allahabad can be complete without a trip to Sainik's in Ashok Nagar, which sells the most delicious and amazing Chhole Samose at Sainik Sweets. The traditional stuffed potato samosa is mashed and spicy chhole is added along with curd, some Chatni tamarind, onion, coriander and sev to make this legendary Allahabad street food. It can be eaten as a snack or even eaten alone. Don't try to pack it home though, the real flavor is in the steaming hot samosas and fresh chutneys.

Muir Rd, Rajapur, Allahabad

8. Dahi Bhalla en Kamdhenu

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (8)

If your taste buds are burning from the onslaught of heat and spice from all the food you've had so far, it's time to refresh them with something cold and spicy.dahi bhallain Kamdhenu. Bhallas are round made from fermented Urad Dal, fried and then soaked in some water and curd to soften. They are then served with some more sweet and salty curd and tamarind chutney along with lots of other spices. Although this particular food is available almost everywhere, it is best when eaten in Kamdhenu. The delicious vadas and fresh yogurt are delicious morsels!

ADDRESS:Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad

9. Chai tandoori

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (9)

A cold winter morning in Allahabad is often incomplete without a hot cup of tea. There is a stall at the fair serving tea with a twist. Here you can get the steaming hot tandoori chai served in a charcoal grill. Sounds interesting, right? What makes this tea different is the brewing process. Clay pots or charcoal are roasted in a clay oven at an extreme temperature. When this is done, the tea is poured into the pots with some pungent spices. The hot clay pots add to the unique flavor of the tea and hence the name 'tandoori chai'.

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10. Kandmool

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (10)

Did you know that when Lord Rama went into exile with his wife Sita and brother Laxmana, the royal family used to eat a drum-shaped fruit known as kandmool? This fruit is one of the best kept secrets in our country and is often considered as the health food of Lord Rama when he was in the forest. The good news is that you can taste this unique fruit at the Kumbh Mela itself. Kandmool looks like a drum with brown colored skin and its flesh tastes more like coconut juice.

11. Allahabad Amrod

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (11)

Allahabad is known for its variety of guavas and Allahabadi Amrood or red guava tops the list. So when you are at Kumbh Mela, don't forget to take red guava and eat it raw. They are a powerhouse of nutrients with a divine taste. Taste juicy red guavas and satisfy your craving. This is something you really must not miss on your pilgrimage to the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj.

12. Kulfi- Falooda en Kamdhenu slik

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (12)

Kulfi- Faluda, drink or dessert? Do they want to know? So try it at Kamdhenu Sweets. It is a candy made by mixing the syrup with noodles and finally serving it with ice cream. It absolutely satisfies heart, mind and body. This is what you want in the scorching heat…

37, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad.

13. Dahi-Jalebi and Hira Halwai

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (13)

Dahi-jalebi sounds like a very strange combination but trust me once eaten it will be at the top of your list. This trend is gaining popularity day by day. You will definitely love this combination if you have a sweet tooth. If you haven't tried it yet, you should make sure to visit Hira Halwai.

Gomti No.4, Maharshi Dayanand Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad.

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14. Dosa on the corner of Jaiswal Dosa

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (14)

Dosa was never so popular in street food in Allahabad until Jaiswal Dosa Corner was opened. Dosa was never a North Indian dish but their dosas are on top in Allahabad. They serve very filling dosas which people of Allahabad love a lot.

Chauraha Medica, George Town, Allahabad.

15. Angoori Petha and Kamdhenu Slik

15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you! (15)

It is a soft and flavored sweet candy that gained its popularity in Agra. They are one of the purest types of sugar. This delicious treat is made with only sugar, water and fruit with no additives or synthetics. It has so many varieties that it would take you a long time to try each one of them.

37, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad.

There's nothing like food to give you a taste of a city's culture, and with Allahabad that saying is especially true. The city's eclectic cuisine is sweet, sour and salty with a confluence of several cultures, just like the people themselves. It is modern but authentic and historic like the city itself. Most importantly, it is always served with love, just like the hospitality of Allahabad. So go ahead, get a taste of authenticity with this list of famous food in Allahabad.


15 famous foods of Allahabad for the foodie in you!? ›

There is no doubt that Masala Churmura is among Allahabad's most famous and peculiar street food. While you can find it on almost every street corner in the city, it is best had at Civil Lines.

What is the famous dish in Allahabad? ›

There is no doubt that Masala Churmura is among Allahabad's most famous and peculiar street food. While you can find it on almost every street corner in the city, it is best had at Civil Lines.

What's special about Allahabad? ›

Allahabad is known as the City of Prime Ministers because seven out of 15 prime ministers of India since independence have connections to Allahabad (Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Gulzarilal Nanda, Vishwanath Pratap Singh and Chandra Shekhar).

What is famous in Allahabad for shopping? ›

Big Bazar and Salalsar in Allahabad are also among the famous allahabad city market. The best thing to buy while shopping at Allahabad Bazaars comprises of the things used for religious purposes. Incense stick, sandalwood, camphor and vermilion should be bought while shopping in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh in India.

What is Nirala Gali Allahabad famous for? ›

Besides dahi soonth ke batashe (gol gappe) and papri chaat, Nirala's is famous for its milk preparations such as rabri, kulfi and khurchan.

Which fruit is famous in Allahabad? ›

Talk of the fragrant winter fruit, guava, especially the famed guavas of Prayagraj (Allahabad), and it has many takers for its dense texture and strong flavour.

What is the famous fruits of Prayagraj? ›

According to Akbar Allahabadi, a well-known poet from Prayagraj, the guava of Allahabad is a divine fruit with its genuine home in the country of God.

Which product is Prayagraj famous for? ›

Moonj Products

The Naini area of Prayagraj is known for its Moonj craft.

Who is the richest person in Prayagraj? ›

The five new entrants in the list from the state include Alakh Pandey (30), founder and CEO of ed-tech platform PhysicsWallah. With a net worth of Rs 4,000 crore, he is 399 in the all-India list and is the only person from Prayagraj.

Which fair is famous in Allahabad? ›

The Prayag Kumbh Mela, also known as Allahabad Kumbh Mela is a mela, or religious gathering, associated with Hinduism and held in the city of Prayagraj, India, at the Triveni Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges, the Yamuna, and the mythical Sarasvati river.

Which saree is famous in Allahabad? ›

Chanderi silk is yet another popular silk saree material that is a mix of cotton and silk – it is well-known for its sheer and shiny nature. Besides these, the jamdani saree, kota saree, tissue or Lame saree and more variants are worn by women everywhere in Allahabad.

What is the Speciality about Prayagraj city? ›

The Chinese traveler Huan Tsang in 643 AD found Prayag inhabited by many Hindus who regarded the place very Holy. 1575 AD — Emperor Akbar founded the city in by the name of “ILLAHABAS” which later became ALLAHABAD meant “The City of Allaha” impressed with the strategic importance of the SANGAM.

Which is the oldest sweet shop in Prayagraj? ›

Since 1855. Netram Moolchand & Sons is a popular place among locals and regular visitors of Prayagraj. It is a renowned sweet shop with a few decades of history, famous for its breakfasts and lunch of poori and Dahi jalebi.

Which sweet is famous in Allahabad? ›

Mahi 100% Orange Soan Papdi, Packaging Type: Box, Packaging Size: 53 Pieces
  • Chhena(bengali) Sweets. Priya Sweets. Rajapur, Prayagraj. ₹ 300/Kg. ...
  • Khoya Sweets. Priya Sweets. Rajapur, Prayagraj. Price On Request. ...
  • Barfi Sweet. Priya Sweets. Rajapur, Prayagraj. Price On Request. ...
  • Rasgulla Sweet. Priya Sweets. Rajapur, Prayagraj.

What is the mother tongue of Allahabad? ›

The main languages spoken by the people of Allahabad are Hindi, Urdu and English. Most commonly, one could see Hindi as the main language on the tongue of local peoples.

What is the old name of Allahabad? ›

Prayagraj, also called Prayag, formerly Allahabad or Ilāhābād, city, southern Uttar Pradesh state, northern India. It is situated at the confluence of the Ganges (Ganga) and Yamuna (Jumna) rivers, about 65 miles (100 km) west-northwest of Varanasi (Benares).

What are the main crops of prayagraj? ›

The District Prayagraj is mainly a agricultural district in which the main crops are wheat and rice. Some area is cultivated under pulses also, like Arhar, Urad and Chana.

What is golden fruit? ›

Loquat fruit, mostly the Mogi variety, can be harvested from February to May. It is known as the golden fruit because of its yellow or orange color, is oval or round shaped with a smooth or downy skin. Good loquat fruits have a tender texture with a sweet and slightly acidic flavor.

What is the most eaten fruit in India? ›

Banana is one of the most popular fruits in India and is widely available throughout the country.

Which is the royal fruit? ›

Avocado also called the alligator pear is known as the royal fruit with magical properties. It was served along with meals to emperors and princesses. Scientists claim that it is the fruit with the highest nutritional content.

Which is the queen fruit of India? ›

Mangosteen fruit also called as queen of fruit . Mangosteen is well known both for its flavor and the suggestion that it promotes good health .

Which is the queen of fruit? ›

Mangosteen belongs to the Clusiaceae (Guttiferae) family [3], [4] and is widely cultivated for its fruit, which is commonly termed the “Queen of Fruits” because of its unique sweet–sour taste [1], [5]. Harvest of this fruit results in a major economic impact with nearly 700,000 tons produced worldwide in 2017 [6].

Who was born in Allahabad? ›

Jawaharlal Nehru was born on November 14, 1889, in Allahabad, India.

What is the nickname of Prayagraj? ›

Prayagraj. Sangam refers to the meeting point of three of India's most important rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna and the mystical river Saraswati. 'Sangam City' is the nickname of Prayagraj, the city that hosts the holy Kumbh Mela.

Who is the richest family in UP? ›

Agra mayor Naveen Jain and his three brothers Pradeep Jain, Chakresh Jain, Yogesh Jain along with Mohammad Ashiq Qureshi and Himesh Singh topped the list in Agra.

Where is the richest man in India? ›

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) bags the richest Indian title with net worth of $82 billion.

Which saree is known as queen of sarees? ›

Paithani is one of the most beautiful saree in the world. Every women dreams of having at least one Paithani saree. No Maharashtrian wedding is complete without Paithani. Paithani is a variety of royal saree, named after the Paithan region in Maharashtra a state in our India, where they are woven by hand.

Which is the oldest saree? ›

The earliest records of a garment similar to the sari can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation that flourished between 2800 and 1800BC in what is today northwest India. The word “sari” is believed to be derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “strip of cloth”.

What is kuttu saree? ›

Pattu is a Tamil word which means silk. Made with pure mulberry silk, lustrous Pattu sarees are a hallmark of luxury and elegance among South Indian women.

Which tree is famous in Prayagraj? ›

Currently, a sacred fig tree located within the Patalpuri Temple at the Prayagraj Fort is worshipped as the Akshayavata described in ancient texts. As of 2011, a permission from the Commandant of Prayagraj Fort's Ordnance Depot is needed to visit this tree.

Is Prayagraj a clean city? ›

LUCKNOW: Three UP cities - Lucknow, Prayagraj and Varanasi - have bagged top three slots among 47 cities with population of over 10 lakh in the Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan-2022 (clean air survey) conducted by the Union ministry of environment, forest and climate change (MEFCC) under its National Clean Air Programme.

Which Indian city has best sweets? ›

02/6Agra's Petha

But apart from Taj Mahal, this city is also famous for its special kind of sweets. There is hardly anyone in India, who would not have heard the name of Agra's Petha. Although Petha is available to eat all over the country, but the taste of Petha found in Agra is different.

Which is the oldest candy in India? ›

Lachi - India's Oldest Streetside Candy | Childhood.

Where is the biggest sweet shop in the world? ›

an immersive experience. In the heart of Leicester Square, M&M'S London is the world's largest candy store at 35,000 square feet spread over four insanely colorful, M&M'S-filled floors. In addition to an extensive range of M&M'S chocolates and merchandise.

What is Uttar Pradesh famous food? ›

Common food

A staple meal from UP, consisting of sabji, daal and rotis with mango pickle. Kachori sabji is a popular breakfast in Uttar Pradesh. Shahi Paneer and bread.

What is the main sweet of Uttar Pradesh? ›

Uttar Pradesh – Balushahi

Balushahi is a famous sweet from Uttar Pradesh. It is basically made with dough that is moulded into round shapes and is then deep-fried. After the deep-frying process, it is soaked in sugar syrup.

Which God is in Allahabad? ›

It is a one of the largest city situated in northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh. This city is best known for its ancient site Prayag; which means place of sacrifice. It is believed that it is a place where Brahma offers his sacrifice after creating the world.

What religion is Allahabad? ›

Allahabad District Religion Data - Hindu/Muslim
Hindu85.69 %
Muslim13.38 %
Christian0.23 %
Sikh0.07 %
5 more rows

What is Allahabad called now? ›

Although initially named Ilahabad the name later became Allahabad in an anglicized version in Roman script. In 2018 the name of the city was changed to Prayagraj by the State government ruled by Yogi Adityanath.

Which is the oldest place in Allahabad? ›

1) Allahabad Fort

Built in the year 1583, this centuries-old fort was constructed during the reign of the Mughal dynasty. Today, it is one of the historically significant forts in Uttar Pradesh and is under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Why Allahabad is called Prayagraj? ›

The confluence of two rivers is a 'prayag', and in Allahabad three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet. Hence, it is the king of 'prayags'. That is why it is 'Prayagraj'.”

Why did Allahabad name change? ›

The state government has said the decision was taken to restore the city's ancient identity as a major Hindu pilgrimage centre. BJP leaders have taken issue with the fact that the city's 435-year-old name was given by a Muslim ruler. Allahabad was indeed named by Mughal emperor Akbar.

What is the most famous dish? ›

Italian pizza is probably the most famous food in the World. Pizza has crossed the borders of Italy a long time ago and nowadays it is consumed all over the world. Pizza is the topmost-liked food in the world.

What is the famous dish of Uttar Pradesh? ›

Batti Chokha

This is the most popular meal in eastern Uttar Pradesh. It's a traditional cuisine that consists of a round wheat Baati and a Chokha made of mashed potatoes, brinjal, and tomatoes. It's served with chaat masala, green chutney, and desi ghee.

What are the 10 most popular foods? ›

Here is the top 10:
  • Pizza.
  • Burger.
  • Ramen.
  • Paella.
  • Pierogi.
  • Moussaka.
  • Boeuf Bourgignon.
  • Eisbein.
Dec 5, 2022

What do people in Uttar Pradesh eat for breakfast? ›

Uttar Pradesh Breakfast: Kachoris, Choora Matar, And More
  • Kulcha Nihari. This meaty breakfast combination from Lucknow is a must-have. ...
  • Choora Matar. This is a winter-special treat that is commonly found in Varanasi. ...
  • Aloo Kachori Subzi. ...
  • Bedmi Poori. ...
  • Bedai And Jalebi.
Jan 31, 2023

What are the two famous things of Uttar Pradesh? ›

It is home to Ayodhya and Mathura birthplace of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Bhgwan Parshuram respectively. Uttar Pradesh attracts many national and international tourists. Taj Mahal, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in Agra is also located in Uttar Pradesh.

What is India's most popular and well known dish? ›

Curry. Curry is one of India's most popular and well-known dishes. Tomato-based curries are known as the ultimate comfort food in India, and countries all over the world have adopted this opinion too.

What is the famous sweet of Uttar Pradesh? ›

Uttar Pradesh – Balushahi

Balushahi is a famous sweet from Uttar Pradesh. It is basically made with dough that is moulded into round shapes and is then deep-fried. After the deep-frying process, it is soaked in sugar syrup.

Which is the famous bread of Uttar Pradesh? ›

Sheermal - Uttar Pradesh

It's the most delicious leavened bread one can ever have in Northern India and is made with all-purpose flour, milk, sugar, salt, saffron and ghee.

What are the street foods of Uttar Pradesh? ›

15 Most Appetising Street Foods in Lucknow
  • Biryani.
  • Kebab.
  • Chole Bhature.
  • Veg Kebab Paratha.
  • Basket Chaat.
  • Poori-Kachori.
  • Malai Makhan.
  • Kulcha Nihari.
Jul 26, 2022

What is the famous vegetable of Uttar Pradesh? ›

Chaulai (Amaranth) Ka Saag

Green leafy vegetables are eaten with great fervour in the chilly season. While people in Punjab prefer to eat sarson ka saag, in Uttar Pradesh, chaulai saag is relished. The taste of this saag made from amaranth leaves is impressive.

What is Lucknow famous food? ›

From kachoris at Vajpayee and chai-samosa at Sharma to chole bhature at Shree Lassi and tokri chaat at Royal Cafe, the city offers a wide array of dishes for food lovers. But you wouldn't go to Lucknow to eat chole bhature and samosas and kachoris. It's Awadhi delicacies that are the real deal.


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